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How many tabs are in a gallon jug? Like the number of licks required to get to the center of a tootie pop, the world may never know.

I know, you may think it is as easy as filling a one gallon jug, and then counting the tabs, but there are to many factors, I have identified 288 different tabs, so the bigger they are, the less that will fit in the jug.

I ask you to take a look at this one gallon jar, it containes 3,450 Type I silver tabs, I shook the jar, filled it, shook it again, and filled it again, over and over to get the tabs to fit in. Now look at the second photo.

Now, as for this jug, it also containes 3,450 Type I silver tabs. How can that be you may ask? Is it a trick? I assure you that these are the same tabs from the first photo. the reason that there is now so much empty space in the jar, is that I removed those annoying little curly things that get the tabs all tangled, you may notice the small pile to the right of the jar.

It turns out the 1.8 ounces of curly things seperated the tabs by an additional 36.8%, for I was later able to fill this jar with 1,270 more tabs, for a total of 4,720 tabs per gallon.

People have always thought that to save these these little curly things was a bit anal, but when I cashed in roughly 5 million of them in 2009 for $140 and sent a Boy Scout to summer camp for free, it was then deemed a unique approach to recycling.