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Our Collection Program

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Those itty bitty tiny pop can pull tabs, they weigh as little as 0.0104 ounces, and measure in at 1/2 by 1 inch, and are only 1/17th of an inch tall...but collect 25,805,600 of them, and the numbers get kind of interesting.

407 miles, 1,506 feet, 8 inches, if laid end to end and growing at 616 feet, 6.39 inches a day.

If stacked, they would form a column 23 miles, 5,058 feet, 0.47 inches tall, also growing at 36 feet, 3.2 inches a day. The pressure on the tab at the bottom of the pile would be 33,547.28 pounds per square inch.

They would cover the full length of a foot ball field 6,704 times.

The average McDonald's collects 1,225 tabs a year on behalf of Ronald McDonald House Charities, my collection program has donated 7,398 tabs per DAY, every day, for over 9 1/2 years, and so, my collection program is collecting at the rate of 2.1722% of the entire McDonald's Corporation. I actually collect the average ANNUAL collection of a McDonald's every 3 hours, 58 minutes, and 26 seconds.

I account for 18,432 of every million tabs collected by the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

On January 24th, 2009, I had surpassed the 3,898 pounds collected by the 586 students of Imperial Estates Elementary in Titusville, Florida. As the largest donator of pull tabs to McDonalds House Charities; they started a year before me, with 517 extra collectors.

Above Photo, 12 year old Thomis M., a Lone Scout from Troop 526, showing his 223,237 collected tabs. Thatís 3 miles if laid end to end.

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